Friday, October 29, 2010

Facebook Friends Fridays

Since my Facebook friends constantly scare amuse me with their status updates, I've decided they deserve a day  reserved just for them! (ok, I will probably also post other things on Fridays, too. In fact, since this Friday Thursday is also Blog Gang day, but I know that I will be late getting it out (hey, at least I know my faults dammit), y'all get to have two posts from me today. Don't you feel super excited and lucky as hell??

~"There's fur all over my house!!!!!!" Have you joined in on that weird craze and become a Furry? If so, please, do not EVER post details of what you do when you put that costume on. Really, I don't want ANY details... 

~"Ready to have a couple hours off this afternoon to finish up some laundry and workout. If my house is cold I'm starting a fire!" I truly believe you need to see a therapist. No one in their right mind would be happy to be able to do laundry! 

~"short work week for me....yea!!!" I don't like you right now. I haven't had a fucking day off in 7 days, and it will be another 5 before I can even consider the possibility. 

~"Happy Monday Friends! :) The Only Thing Keeping Me In A Good Mood This Monday Is I Only Have A 3 Day Work Week! Woot Woot! ♥" What the hell is it with you people?? Mondays are not HAPPY. They might be if I could just stay in bed all day, but since I can't, Mondays do not qualify for a "happy" anything in my book. Now, on to the main subject: How in the hell are TWO of my friends getting short work weeks? Y'all suck, just want you to know that. 

~"Bout got my leg stuck in a hooker boot earlier! Whew! That could've been bad! :)" So, uhmmm....was this YOUR hooker boot? Or did you try to put on a hooker's boot? I'm confused here. I thought most hookers left as many clothing items on as possible while doing the deed. Then again, as I have no experience beyond watching "Pretty Woman" and other movies with hookers, I could be totally wrong.
~"...haha! Hyper today! Was bustin a move in automotive today! Priceless though because here I was shakin my tailfeathers & I turn around & theres an 80someodd year old man breakin it down with me!! Gotta love 100.9 the Eagle!" I wish I could have seen this. Really, I do. You do not strike me as the type to do this, for one. And for another, would have loved to have seen ya getting down with an 80 some year old!

~"got a little giggle at sonic just now... but I better not be a mean person so I will keep it to myself..." No, no, no. You do not keep whatever it is to yourself. YOu share it with world so we can all have a little humor in our day, too. Not to mention that you have now officially become a tease. And that is just wrong. When it comes to gossip anyway. YOu want to tease the boys? Have at it! 

~"If the broom it" Soooo....are you a good witch, or a bad witch? Or are just a bitch and trying to make it sound nice? Either way, can I get a broom, too?  

~"Thank you, Facebook, for letting me reconnect with people whom never liked me in high school." I couldn't agree more, in fact I was just talking about this exact thing a few days ago. Why is it that all those who thought they were better than me in HS now want to pretend to be my best friend? I much prefer the company of friends I have now, who TRULY give a shit about me, thank you very much.

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