Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Huge spiders do not cure insomnia

Things like that, up there, do not help with insomnia!

Things like that up there tend to freak you the hell out, when at 1 a.m. you finally decide you might be able to sleep.

Especially when said thing is SITTING IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR BED.

Needless to say, I did not go to bed. Instead, I grabbed the nearest flip flop and beat the crap out of it, and disposed of the corpse down the toilet.

Then I let the brain worms take over.

In my head, it's brothers, sisters and friends now had me on their hit list. It's hard to think about sleep, when all you can imagine is waking up to find a million spiders all over you, wrapping you in their webs. Preparing you for their dinner.

I didn't go to bed. Instead, I stayed up til 4 a.m. watching True Blood on the DVR.

Would much rather watch hot men with fangs, than lay in bed worried about horrid, furry, evil things with fangs.


  1. I would much rather watch hot men with fangs than go to bed too!! I am on disc 2 of the first season, trying to watch what I missed and getting caught up on the back story!!

  2. I think I would rather find a spider in my bed that Mr. Skarsgard or however he spells his name. Ill just call him Eric lol. Anyway if I went tobed and found him in there I think killing him would have worse reprecussions that killing the spider. True Blood would not be the same without Eric - who is gonna miss one (huge ass) spider?

  3. Who would miss the spider? The spider friends and family who have now put me on their hit list!! LOL

  4. ha ha, nice post and yes if I saw a spider like that I wouldn't sleep for week because I would be up at night wondering if it might have had babies and all of them would all come into my bed... eeeek!

  5. It was a spider like that - a wolf spider to be exact. I now make Husband do a bed check nightly. We take off all sheets/blankets/comforters. Only when I am totally convinced that there is NOT any family members seeking revenge on me, do I even think about actually geting in bed. Then I spend the next 2 hours imagining I can feel them crawling on me. Which then leads to more bed checks....I think Husband is secretly plotting to have me committed over my behavior.