Thursday, October 14, 2010


Happiness....what exactly does this word mean? I could ask 100 people, and get 100 different answers.

Instead of doing a "happiness in general" post, I'm going to concentrate on what happiness means to me. (Even to me, it means different things on different days!)

I don't place my happiness on things other people might. Instead, I find it in the simple things in life. The IMPORTANT things in life. I don't need a new car, a huge bank account, or popularity.

I simply look at everyday things, and find my true happiness in them!

So, in a totally different approach, here's a list of things that bring ME joy and happiness:

(totally random order, so please, don't read anything into what spot you may be in!)

~ an unexpected hug from one of my children

 ~ sitting on the couch, relaxing & holding hands with Husband

~ a penny I find that's heads up on the ground

~ a butterfly flying by long after they are supposed to be gone for the fall/winter

~ accomplishing a goal I've set for myself

~ random acts of kindness (big or small) done for complete strangers

~ finding a pair of jeans that fit perfectly

~ the love of a family

~ an "inside joke" only my true friends would ever understand

~ freshly washed sheets

~ being able to act like a child & be carefree if only for an hour or two

~ the way Husband still looks at me like he did the day we first met

~ celebrating everyday events (I did the laundry? That's means for a celebration!)

~ finding out I have followers on my blog
      ~bonus happiness: when my followers actually read my blog and leave comments!

~ looking at a piece of art I've created and thinking I accomplished what I was after

There's many, many more things that bring me happiness, but there is not enough room on this page to even begin to list them all!

I know a lot of the other bloggers are probably going to find deep meanings to happiness, and there is nothing wrong with that. We are each different and unique, and that's what makes the blog world a fantastic place!


  1. Isn't it funny that us simple people out there are the minority anymore. I don't need luxuries either. Just plain ol simple me. Take it or leave it right ?!?!? I wasn't raised with luxuries bringing happiness into my life nor will my children. Judge me cause I don't have a brand new Excursion or the fact that my kids don't wear 30.00 jeans. I really don't give a crap. Love your Blog! Makes me love my boring simple life as I always have. Glad to see others that appreciate the simpler things in life as well.

  2. We share many happy-makers! Great post!

    xo Susie

  3. I decided to make you a little happy today and leave a comment and follow your blog ;-) Loved your list by the way.


  4. Thank you Cecilia! You made me smile twice in just under a minute!

  5. Ok so here a comment left. I gotta say that while I agree 100% that I dont NEED money to be happy I am sure than if I had more of it I would find ways to let it help me be happy.For example - I would buy more of the jeans that fit just right so that I could wear every day! LOL just playing great post.

  6. Freshly washed sheets are awesome! I love the smell and feel of them.

  7. Great post! I'm a little late with reading the blog gang posts, but i'm glad i could take some serious time out and enjoy them today - I love your list of "happiness". The simple things truly are the best!