Sunday, October 10, 2010

I can't make decisions!!

I'm the world's worst at decision making. Don't believe me? Here's how a typical morning goes for me:

Crawl out of bed, tell myself, "Jump in the shower, it will only take a few minutes". Instead, I sit down for just a *few* minutes to catch up with e-mails, watch a little TV, check my facebook, check my blog, maybe grab something to eat.

Before I know it, it's an hour later, and I still haven't taken a shower. Finally force myself to take 10 minutes out of my day, and get in the shower.

Get out of the shower, brush my hair, go to the closet.

Here's where the fun really starts.

Grab underwear & a bra - that's the easy part.

Grab a pair of jeans, decide those will be the ones I wear. Look at them again, and decide no, they are too long/tight/faded/short/insert excuse here. Find another pair of jeans, go through same process. Repeat 2 or 3 times. Finally end up putting on first pair.

Start looking through my shirts. Pick one. Put it back - I would have to wear make-up with that one. Pick another - Nope, need to actually do my hair to wear this one. Decide I'll wear a baseball cap for the day. Grab another shirt - nope, definitely won't go with baseball cap, needs hair & make-up done to wear it. Baseball cap idea nixed. Grab another shirt. Nope, remember I don't like the way it makes my arms look. Close eyes, grab shirt at random - it would probably look better if I did hair & make-up while wearing this one. Start to reach for old, over-sized comfy T. Remember Husband is not a fan of that look. Remember that honestly, neither am I. End up grabbing a smaller T-shirt, decision finally made.

Promise  myself I WILL put on make-up. Grab make-up bag, stick in purse.

Promise myself I will NOT pull hair back into ponytail. Grab hair tie *just in case*.

Slip flip-flops  on. Who has time to actually bend down and tie shoes?

Grab keys, and purse. Head to work.

Get there, get distracted, forget rule on not putting hair up in ponytail/sloppy bun.

Get busy, realize at end of day - I never put make-up on.

Get home, feel like a failure. Didn't leave hair down, didn't put make-up on, still don't like jeans, and somehow in the day I ended up with ink or food on shirt.

Say, "Screw this". Throw on baggy pj pants & over sized T.

Watch TV, can't sleep.

Know that I will go throug all the above again in the morning.

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