Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where do their brains go??

Last week I wrote about the fact that Oldest tends to misplace his brain frequently, and gave a perfect example of it.

Today, I discovered that ours is not the only one.

I had realized last night that I had never contacted the seller on ebay about the clothing racks I had won. I sent her a quick note from my Pre, and apologized for not getting with her sooner.

I anxiously awaited her response, as sometimes, sellers are not always the nicest people. Especially if you wait more than 12 hours to contact them about an item.

Anyway, this is what I got in reply to my apology:

"No that is fine I am getting them all cleaned and packed for you. ]

I have to tell you that my 17 year old son left the racks in the rain since he took the pictures for me last Sunday. Rain and Chrome are not the best of friends

I have a few so I will certanly send you the best out of the five and when you received them let me know what you think.....

See, it's a 17 yr old boy thing.

I wonder if her 17 yr old leaves his brain with the girlfriend, too.

For her sake, I hope not.

Or if he does, then I hope ( again, for her sake) that her 17 yr old's girlfriend is not as psycho, manipulative, controlling, whiny, & spoiled as nice and sweet as our Oldest's is.

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