Thursday, November 3, 2011

Read, and feel free to spread it far and wide!!

If you've read my blog over the past few months, you know that we have had nothing but problems with Progressive insurance. I finally gave up, and am writing any and all people at Progressive that I can get a hold of. I've also decided to make the letter I'm sending to their CEO public. I have posted it on my facebook, on Progressive's facebook page, here on my blog, and anywhere else I can get it.

I decided that the further I can get this spread, the better. Maybe, I can get some attention to my issue if I do! So, I'm asking all of you, dear readers to please copy and paste this where ever you can find to do so (yes, please, leave all my info in it!!), or provide a link back to this post.


November 1, 2011

Glenn Remwick
The Progressive Corporation
6300 Wilson Mills Road
Mayfield Village, OH 44143

Re: Claim # 11-542xxxx
Date of loss: June 16, 2011

Mr. Remwick,

On June 16th, 2011, as I was taking my son to a doctor appointment, a deer ran across the road as I was travelling southbound on HWY 287, between Dumas, TX and Amarillo, TX. Due to traffic conditions, I was not able to avoid hitting the animal. When I called Progressive, while sitting on the side of the road with the State Patrol, I was told I needed to find my own towing company. I did so, and this is where the problems began.

I was informed by the Progressive office in Lubbock, TX, that an adjustor, Adam Quapp, had been out to take part in a tear down of my vehicle, and to do an adjustment on it, on or about June 24, 2011. According to the body shop, it was actually Gene Weaver who did a quick adjustment on my car, and only after much coaxing from employees at the shop. A tear down was never performed on the vehicle, according to two separate body shops. No pictures of the alleged tear down have ever been provided to us, even though we’ve asked on several occasions.

I received a settlement offer of $6400.46, dated June 30, 2011 from Mr. Quapp. This is well below NADA, KBB, and several similar base cars on lots in the area. As the car has a custom paint job, an aftermarket hood with scoops, is a Limited model, and has remote start, I did not agree with this valuation.

After getting no where with Mr. Quapp, we were transferred to Laura Caffey, also out of the Lubbock, TX office. On the phone, she brought the settlement offer up to the range of $7000 on July 28, 2011. 45 minutes later, she called back with an offer of $9583.00. While Ms. Caffey is getting warmer, she is still no where near the cash value of our vehicle. When I asked Ms. Caffey about the comps they had been able to find, she claimed that none could be found in the area, but that I was more than welcome to find them on my own, which I did.

A similar car, was selling for $9000, in the area. The PT Cruiser for $9000, was found at Auto Sales and Finance in Amarillo, TX, on or about July 29, 2011. This PT was a 2002, had 126,000 miles, had moderate hail damage, rough and highly stained interior, peeling and missing paint, and a damaged front bumper. It was also a base model, did not have an aftermarket hood with scoops, did not have turbo, did not have custom paint, no sun roof, and no remote start. The approximate value of these items, not included on this car are as follows: Mileage and year model difference: approximately $1800, hood as what is on our 2004: $735, Custom Paint as what is on our 2004: $3200, Remote start: $350, Limited Edition Package: $1126, Turbo: $700, sun/moon roof: $235. Not even taking into account the damage to the body and interior of the comp vehicle, the value of this vehicle with the additional features would be $17146.

A car with similar customization, was listed in the area for $13,995, and was found at Budget Car Sales in Amarillo, TX on July 28, 2011. This car is three years older, does not have turbo, does not have remote start, has similar mileage, and is a base model. The approximate value of these missing items are as follows: Limited Edition: $1126, Turbo: $700, Remote Start: $350, for a total difference of $2176. The difference in the years for this being a 2001 and ours being a 2004, more than makes up for the 10,000 mile difference on the odometer. If all options on our 2004 would be added, this would bring the list price of this vehicle to $16,171.

I have also been able to find several comps online, with prices starting at $10,995, for same year model PT Cruisers, with none or little of the custom parts and/or paint.

I informed Ms. Caffey of these vehicles on or about July 29th, and was told that she would have someone out to look at them. A few days later, Ms. Caffey stated in a phone conversation that she no longer planned on sending anyone out to look at the comps, at this time.

We did purchase additional custom coverage to help protect our investment on the custom paint and accessories, and our policy will show this. However, even though I was assured when I purchased this coverage, that it would cover a total loss, and also called Progressive’s main number on or about June 30, 2011, and was told that custom coverage would be part of the valuation of a total loss. Ms. Caffey, has been adamant that the custom coverage I bought and paid for, will not help with a valuation on a total loss. After reading over our policy, paper work that Ms. Caffey and Mr. Quapp have sent, and reading directly from the Progressive website, it is my understanding that yes, as I was previously told, this ACPE is part of a total loss claim. We have provided documentation to Ms. Caffey about the value of the custom paint, and the aftermarket hood. In addition, we have informed Ms. Caffey of the remote start, valued at a minimum of $350, that was on the vehicle at the time of loss.

Comps provided by Progressive, through Ms. Caffey, on July 26, 2011, are from Vernal, UT, Killeen, TX, and Topeka, KS. These comps are well over 450 or more miles away, the closest being 485 miles away, while the comps I have provided are within 50 miles, making them a more accurate representation of the ACV on this vehicle, in this area. Further, even though I have given Ms. Caffey documentation on all custom parts, paint, and accessories, which totaled over $4000, on the comps she provided, she only gave us credit of $485.

In a letter dated October 17, 2011 from Ms. Caffey, she claims I invoked the appraisal clause on June 16, 2011 – the date of the loss. While I did say in October that I was prepared to take this to the appraisal level, I never formally invoked this in any letter, or in writing in anyway. In the same letter, Ms. Caffey states, “We work hard to provide a hassle free service for you and recognize that we have missed the mark on this loss.” I, personally, consider this a huge understatement.

This claim has gone on for almost five months now, and has gone from total loss, to repairable, to total loss, back to repairable, and once again, back to a total loss. I would hope that Progressive does not treat most long time customers as I have been treated during this drawn out process.

I am open to negotiations on this settlement, if they are reasonable, and not only look out for the best interest of Progressive, but also look at for the best interests of myself. In the event that a negotiation can not be reached, I am prepared to take this as far as need be, and as far as the legal system will allow.

I hope to hear from you soon regarding this matter.


Babette Jinkins
xxx x xxxxxxx
babette75 @

cc: Laura Caffey – email and certified mail
Mike Campos, certified mail