Thursday, September 29, 2011

economic meltdown

How I hate this time of year. Everyone is broke, which means that my main customer base has no money. Which in turn, means I have no money.

Maybe I just need to find a millionaire that needs a charity tax write off. I'll be the charity. Sounds good to me, anyway.

I'm tired of the media harping about the "economic disaster". I wonder if they ever stop to think that they are causing half the problem. If they'd quit scaring everyone with all the disaster/downturn stories, people would actually be willing to spend money. Banks would be willing to lend more money. In other words, there would be no crisis!

Just go back to the trade and barter system. Then we wouldn't have to worry so much about it all....

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

(Going) Insane Ramblings

I've been absent again for awhile. No excuses. Just writer's block. Or pure laziness. Or depression. Or I just don't give a fuck about much right now. Or, it could always be stress. I'm not sure which it is yet. I'll probably never know.

So, instead of a full, thought out post, here's a random list of shit that's happened lately.

- I discovered that somehow, my oldest boy managed to hijack my youtube account. It shows my email, and my password. However, it now shows his user name. I haven't figured out how to, or if I even can, change this. For some reason, it pisses me off. I just have an issue with going to post a comment, and it comes up with the user name "XXXmansify".

- We have 2 extra people living in the house now. My 18 year old daughter that my ex took off with 11 years ago is back home. With her boyfriend. With money the way it is, I'm now trying to feed six people on less than I was feeding four people a month ago. I've found a lot of good info on the internet on how to stretch a food budget. Just not a lot of imagination in the menus. But, it's saving money.

- I find myself turning more often to my Valium prescription. I rationalize it as it saves lives of those around me. (Don't take this wrong...I went from taking one or two a month to taking five or six a month.)

- My insurance still hasn't settled on my car that was totalled in June. In fact, they have now decided after 3 months of the stand off that the car can be fixed. The body shops disagree. They seem to think a bent frame would not be safe to attempt to fix. I think my insurance company wants to kill me off, just so they no longer have to deal with me.

- Due to his anxiety/depression issues, my youngest is no longer in a brick and mortar school. Instead, he is taught at home, with online classes through a public school that sits 16 hours from us. It's working out quite well, just a little strange not to drop him off everyday.

- It's September 28th, and it's still way above 80 most days. I'm beginning to think that cooler weather will never come. I never thought I would say this, but I'm craving a day where you can see your breath when you walk outside.

- I'm still tattooing. I'm still selling Scentsy. We've added a pool hall/arcade to our list of shit we do for money. (No, an arcade doesn't make much. All I have to say is you better love video games and pool if you want to open one)

That is all for now. Good day!