Friday, October 8, 2010

Open letter to the children in my neighborhood

Dear overly loud, screaming adorable children,

While I realize that normally our house/front yard/driveway is your meeting grounds every afternoon after school, and every evening afte supper, today is not a good day for it.

You see, I am sick, and I'm not in the best of moods. Most of you have a mommy, daddy, grandma or grandpa to take care of you when you're sick. In my house, I am the Mommy, and since Husband has to work, I get to take care of myself when I'm sick. Yeah, it's not much fun. Yiu have to clean up your own vomit, force yourself to try and eat, and have to get your own blankets & pillows.

Normally, I do not mind you using the basketball goal, or our insane amount of driveway to play on, skateboard on, etc. In fact, normally, as you all know, the only thing I ask is you 1) do not break windows and 2) do not hit my car. I realize on occasion rules 1) & 2) get forgotten. Not once have I mentioned it, or came out screaming like the neighborhood crazy lady.

However, today this may change. Everytime I finally get comfortable, your blood curdling screams come drifting through the window. This is not a good thing for someone to hear when they already feel as if something evil has invaded their insides. In fact, it makes them think that now evil is on it's way to invade my outside, too.

So, please, just for today - go find someone else's yard to invade. Please. I'm asking nicely. If you fail to listen to my nice voice, you may yet get to see the crazy lady side of me show up.

Ok, not really, but please. I'm begging you - take a break for ONE day. You are more than welcome to come back tomorrow! I promise the basketball goal will still be there. As will the insane amount of driveway that is fun to ride your bikes on & pretend parts of it are your own private skateboard park. I pledge to you that I will not call the Magic Genie in to make them disappear overnigt!

Got it? Ok. Thanks. Bye now!

The Misfit Tattooed Mommy
The Corner
Your Block, TX, USA

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  1. Being that it's Friday night, I bet you don't have much luck with this! I hope you feel better soon.