Saturday, April 30, 2011

What the hell was I thinking?

As if things aren't already crazy around here as it is with the tattoo studio, and the Scentsy, we've just rented a retail space for an alternative clothing store.

I've decided I'll sleep when I'm dead. It's looking like that will be the only time I can pencil it into my schedule.

Now, if we could just agree on a name for the place. Something tells me that "The Store With No Fucking Name", wouldn't go over very well.

We're stuck somewhere between Spider Bite, Web of Envy, and Coffin Couture. All 3000 other ideas have been shot down. The Oldest Boy told me that "boutique" was not allowed as guys his age would be called "gay" for shopping there. He's probably right, but it blew a hell of a lot of options of the water.

At this point, we'll be doing good to even get the name on the front of the place. If we can't even do that, how the hell are we going to do the rest of it??

Clothes have been arriving for the past 2 weeks, and more will be coming in almost everyday next week. Glad I've got a big store room at the new place, cuz it is no where near ready to be open yet.

I still have to paint the walls (they are currently bright sunshine yellow), put up a false wall to divide the area into something more manageable for the time being, buy a cash register, buy yet another computer (though the laptop will probably get used for it for now) get more mannequins, get a few more clothing racks, and find someone who will work for peanuts.

We'd hoped to do this all without a loan, but I don't think that is an option anymore. Bank, be ready, cuz here I come....