Monday, October 18, 2010

While my dog will survive, I may not!!

Ok, y'all. This sucks.

The ONE night I'm actually tired, and wouldn't you know it, my dog has decided to go neurotic on me. Ok, she's in labor. So being neurotic is TOTALLY allowed.

Couldn't she have picked daylight hours fpr thism though? I mean seriously, you'd think she would have the courtesy to do that. (This coming from the woman who went into labor in the middle of the night with all three of my offspring.)

I know, y'all are thinking: Just go to bed, already! She's a dog, she knows what to do.

You're probably right. But she's looking at me with those big brown eyes, and tries to follow me of I leave, so I'm kind of obligated to stay with her. That's what you do for members of your family, right?

She is seriously about ready to drive me batshit crazy thoug, y'all. She's pacing, panting, whining, laying down, digging, pacing, in & out of the doghouse, pacing, laying down, passing the mucous plug (sorry if that disgusts ya, but hey, it's what happens!), pacing, layong down, having contactions, pacing, panting, following me, repeat all the above.

Oh, and she has now decided at the last minute her padded, warm, blanket lined doghouse may not be the place she wants to be. She now thinks digging a trench along side the house would be so much better.

While she will survive labor and delivery just fine, I may end up in a mental hospital just from having to deal with all of it!

Oh, and did I mention she's either pregnant by my chihuahua? She's a chow-chow,  by the way. We tried to keep them separated, but there was that ONE time...shit.

Or daddy could be the heeler mix that jumped the fence, had his way with her, then tried to eat my chihuahua. Just what I need, offspring from a serial killer dog.

I'm rooting for the chihuahua.

I'm also rooting for spaying as soonas possible.

A Valium would be good about now, too. No, not for my dog silly - for me!

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