Sunday, October 17, 2010

How not to write a blog.

Spend two days writing blog post in head. Jot down notes in notebook kept specifically for this.

Finally find time to sit down & actually type out post.

Log In. Decide to check stats. Wow! 399 page views in two days!!. HAS to be a bunch of comments.

Check comments. There is ONE. 399 page views and I get ONE COMMENT? Decide comments don't really matter that much, at least someone is actually reading what I write.

Realize that though people may be reading & not commenting, neither are they clicking on ads. Again decide, doesn't matter, I had 399 views in two days.

Back to Dashboard. Tell myself to click on "new post".

Realize I have 4 blog updates I haven't read. Go read them. Click to NEW blogs I hadn't previously discoverd.

Follow 7 of 19 new blogs. Realize I've now spent 2 hours reading everyone else's posts.

Reality sets in - I set aside 45 minutes to write in my blog. Spent 2 hours inside everyone else's blogs. Went over allotted time by 1 hour and 15 minutes.

No longer have time to type out what I've spent two days preparing for.

Pencil in 30 minutes tomorrow to wrote blog. Know damn good and well I NEED to do this. Also know that there is a 95% chance I will repeat today's scenario.

Know that only time I ever actually really post is at 3 a.m. When Mr. Sandman has once again skipped me.

Hope I can actually sleep tonight. Realize blog won't get written if I sleep.

Realize I can't win either way, and decide to post how I can't even manage to sit & write a real post.....


  1. Which links do I need to click on?

  2. much MORE time did you spend typing this out? And how much time did you spend commenting on other people's blogs? And If you can type that fast, Will you please write this damn book for me? My fingers hurt....

  3. This post? I think I spent 5 minutes on, if even that!! LOL As for omments on other posts - maybe another 5 minutes. I spend way too much time READING other blogs!