Friday, October 15, 2010

Husband thinks I left this out in last post....

**Adult content warning!!**

Ok, Husband read the Happiness post, and he is extremely upset that I did not take HIS suggestion for happiness.

What was his idea for my Happiness post, you may ask? Blowjobs....

Now, explain to me, a WOMAM, how I am supposed to include BJs into MY idea of happiness

I do NOT have the parts to even receive one of these, let alone know whether I can relate it to happiness.

Apparently, however, men relate BJs to happiness.

Now we all know.

Bet you're happy to have this knowledge, aren't you?


  1. OK blowjobs and happiness go hand in hand. Husband is a only a very talented Tattoist but a wise, wise man.Now how would a womam - or in most cirlces referred to as woman - relate BJ's to happiness? I have only this to say - do you not enjoy making the man of life happy?

  2. meant to say man of YOUR life up there....