Tuesday, October 5, 2010

#*!&#&!!!! (censored for general viewing)

So, my family and I have opted out of having a computer at the house. (yes, I just heard the collective gasp of horror from all of you) Due to this, if we're not at work, I end up doing what I'm doing at this very moment - logging onto blogspot from my Palm Pre.

I got the brilliant idea that I would check for apps to be able to blog easier while I was at home. This would mean no more only being able to see half the screen as I type, no more limits to length, etc.

Anywho, I found an app - Blogbooster to be exact. It seemed I'd found exactly what I'd been lookinf for! An answer to being able to blog when insomnia strikes.

It promised easy publishing to 4 different blogging platforms, blogspot being one of them. It promised Autocontent - where the app would find pictures, links, and tags relevant to what I wrote. It was love at first sight!

I immediately bought and downloaded it.

It was amazing! Logged me into my blog, downloaded current content & posts from my blog. I wrote out a really good post. Tried the autocontent, and while some of the pics weren't exactly spot on (for example the man standing in front of an open casket - wtf??), for the most part it was amazing!

Then I made the mistake of hitting "Publish". It didn't work.

I waited an hour, tried again. Fail.

Waited 24 hours, tried again. Failed again.

I wrote the word "test". The damn thing uploaded.

Copied & pasted original failed post. AND IT FAILED AGAIN.

Tried contacting the developers. No answer back. Went to their facebook & twitter pages where they promised "instant support". The last posts were from 2 months ago...

I left messages anyway. Never heard back.

Opinion? Blogbooster sucks ass!!

And this is why, once again, I am logged directly onto blogspot and trying to make sure spelling & punctuation are ok, even though I can't see half the screen.


  1. I can not stand to look at the net on my crackberry.. its so small and forget trying to type anything halfway coherent.. for me, it just doesn't happen. You're a better blogger than I am that's for sure.

  2. The one advantage the Pre has is that I can touch the screen and zoom in or out. Therefore it's BIG enough for me to see. However, in order to make it big enough, I can only see the left half of the box I'm writing in!