I've always hated filling out the "About Me" sections on anything I come across, and now I've decided I need to put one on my blog. Don't ask me why....I don't have a clue!

What am I supposed to put on here, anyway?

Am I supposed to put that I prefer Coke to Pepsi 90% of the time, but the other 10% I feel the urge to drink a can of Pepsi, so that I can instantly be transported back to my childhood and being at my grandma's house?

Or is it supposed to be a quick, short bio. You know, something like this:

Happily married to Husband since 2005. (We have actually been together since 2000, but everyone always seems to go by the date you were married, as if it is a huge milestone. So, what happens to the five years before that? Did they just disappear?? See, THIS is why I can't write a NORMAL bio!) He is my third husband, but in my mind, is the only one that counts. (No, I didn't kill the others off, though I wouldn't be heart broken if they decided to move to say, Siberia, for the rest of their natural lives.)

Husband and I have five children between us. (Yes, I said FIVE, deal with it.) We do not, however, actually have any children who share both of our blood. It doesn't matter, in our home, they are OUR kids. We don't differentiate. (Ok, so we do, but only when one is acting like demon spawn - then they are always the other spouse's child, even if biologically they aren't.)

I am a tattoo artist. (Yes, I get to draw and get paid for it. Most of the time it is awesome, but there are days I would trade my job for anything else. Trust me, you come deal with some of these customers, and you would feel the same way.)

Why do I blog....well, honestly? It's so I have a place that I can go and be by myself for a little while. Even if it's only in my head. If people read what I have to say, then that's great. If they don't, that's ok, too. (But it's much, much better if they read it.)

Ok, that did not turn out so short and quick, and there's a lot more I could probably put, but will leave it at that.

P.S. - If you came here expecting the typical "Mommy" blog, you're in the wrong place. While I will post about my kids, or things they do, I will also post about my life that doesn't always concern my kids. (Don't sit there with your jaw hanging down, y'all know just as well as I do that we are allowed to have a few minutes of our lives to ourselves here and there!!)

P.P.S. - I cuss. I use the "f" word, and many others. If this messes with your delicate nature, this is not the place for you.