Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sometimes it pays to be the scary tattooed mommy

I normally let the kids deal with their own skirmishes when it comes to dealing with other kids.

Today, I broke that rule.

Youngest has had a kid picking on him for a couple of weeks. It's gone so far that the other kid has actually punched Youngest. Youngest didn't hit back as he thought he'd get in trouble. We explained that if you're defending yourself is not the same as starting a fight.

While we in no way promote that our children resort to violence, as most of you know, sometimes it has to be used to prevent further problems.

Anyway, now that I've done the whole backstory thing, lets get back to today.

Youngest comes in & tells me that this same bully has once again tried to start a fight with him on the way to the park. Youngest stood his ground - against 7 other boys, mind you. (Yes, I know, probably not something I'm supposed to admit being proud of, but I am.)

Anyway, one of the other boys grabbed a baseball bat, so my son grabbed his off his bike. (Probably not the smartest move, but he's tired of being bullied.) Don't worry, no actual blows were struck by either side.

Now, we're at the point that I get involved. It seems that one of the other boy's mother started yelling at my child (who is TEN), telling him he needed to leave or he was going to get his "ass beat down". (See, and y'all thought I was wrong for being proud of him for standing up for himself. How fucked up is it that this ADULT tells my kid that she's essentially gonna beat him??)

Anywho, he comes to me, tells me the story. At this point I've had it. I tell Youngest to get in the car & show me where this woman lives.

We get there, and all 7 of the little monsters are still in the front yard. As soon as I step out of the car, every single one of the start yelling, "It wasn't me, it was him" and pointing at each other. (Side note: windows are tinted, so they could not even see Youngest in the car."

I asked which was of them was Xxxx. His darling little friends ratted him out. I asked where he lived. He pointed a few blocks over. That led to the next question, who's mother came out of the house a few minutes ago. The biggest of the bunch (mind you, these kids are all 1 to 3 years older than Youngest), raises his hand. I ask where he lives. He shows me which house.

I went and knocked on the door, and asked the woman why she felt it was needed to yell at my child, and threaten him. She recognizes me, and starts apologizing, and telling me that she wasn't threatening him, she simply was trying to keep him from getting beat up. (For the record, I do not believe her, she did admit to saying what Youngest said she did. Mother of the year award right there, let me tell ya.)

At any rate, I get an apology out of her, and she apologizes to youngest. I then as her where Xxxx lives, and who his mother is. She tells me. The rest of the heathens also get told to come inside, and when I left where getting yelled at.

By this time, I've realized I know Xxxx's mother, so I stop by where she works, and explain that essentially her child is a bully, and that I have had it. I had tried to let the boys work it out on their own, but from this point forward, it will all be dealt with through the school police officers. So, she can basically either get her child under control, or I will turn it over to someone that can.

She's shaking, and admits to me that she was scared I was going to beat her ass.(Ok, now seriously.....what fucking sense does that make?? Yeah, let me come over and tell you that your son is a bully while I act just like him., don't think so.)

At any rate, I hear the mother of Xxxx telling the other clerk that her child has messed with the wrong kid, as he has the meanest, scariest mom in town. (I'm really not, I promise. However, if that is what you want to think, and it will get you to control your damn children, then all the better. Sometimes it pays to be the "scary tattooed mommy", I guess.)

As an end note: If the other mother EVER tells my kid he's going to get his "ass beat down" again, she may find out exactly what those three words mean. That is a promise..

And by the way, I do not look like this (yet):

Though to be honest, I think Betty Broadbent was a damn sexy woman, and I wouldn't mine looking like her at all!


  1. You handled it perfectly! Your son sounds like he's a pretty smart kid... Good job by both of you.

  2. Perfect! You were authoritative without acting like you were on the Jerry Springer Show! I heart you (and the Youngest!).

  3. Do you think you can come work with me? I have a bully for a boss.......

  4. Found you via Pat Tillett's comments, and thought your blog sounded pretty rad...I wasn't disappointed! =) Kudos to you and Youngest, because I wouldn't have been able to handle that with even the slightest bit of aplomb. I've been known to make bullies cry just for the fun of it, and would DEFINITELY do it to a bully who was getting after one of my munchkins! You're a testament to awesome moms everywhere, and I'm glad I found you! =)