Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm Turning Into Scrooge, and I Think I Like It

Yeah, I know, some of you think that when I say "confessional" that I'm going to tell you all my dirty little secrets that run through my head. One, Husband would not be happy for sharing half of them. Two, the other half would probably land my ass in jail. So, that being said, I'm tackling my "Why I hate the Holiday season"  this week.

I confess:

  • Retail displays like this, that show up before Halloween even gets here, really piss me off.
  • I like being able to enjoy my holidays in the order they come in, thankyouverymuch!
  • I miss the days when the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade brought Santa out, and therefore, all the shopping madness that then follows.
  • I should not have to go into a store on October 20, and see all this shit. Seriously.
  • I should not go to the store on November 5th, to get all the platters for Thanksgiving and end up having to hunt down a clearance aisle in order to buy any of it.
  • Shit like this makes me want to boycott any holiday after Halloween.
  • I own my own business, and refuse to put up anything Christmas related until the day after Thanksgiving.
  • I have come to hate the whole retail side of these holidays, enough that our studio Christmas tree has been black with a skull topper on it for the past 3 years. This year will be no different.
  • I should not have to deal with other businesses cramming this down my throat 2 or 3 months in advance.
  • Christmas carols over a store's speaker system should not be allowed to play until Black Friday, if at all.
  • I also do not like the term "Black Friday". 
  • I hate the fact that since all of our money will put retailers in the "black", they decided to rub it in our faces how much money they will have, and we will no longer have.
  • I used to make fun of Husband for his hatred of this season.
  • I have now turned into just as big of Scrooge.
  • I blame all the retailers for taking away the excitement by trying to make us think of Christmas before the time change even happens.
  • I wholly believe that they move it up earlier, and earlier every year.
  • I believe that Santa should skip every single person who has brought about the 3 month holiday season.
  • I hate the fact that to get my point across of my hatred of this practice, I felt I had to put a picture up of all things Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving is even here.


  1. I'm totally with you on this. I blame my initial hatred of the "season" on my lovel mother. Beyond that, I hate it because like you, I feel that it is being crammed down our throats earlier and earlier each year. Our local shopping center put up their christmas lights about a week ago. PULEEESE!!!

    I really try to have all christmas shopping done no later than the end of October. Even if all my clothes burnt up, i wouldn't go to the mall until a week or two into January to replace them.

    great post!

  2. I am absolutely positive I will be posting a blog very similar to this very soon. Especially since I work for 45 hours every week in a retail situation. Let's talk about PUSHY HATEFUL CUSTOMERS!!!

  3. LOL @ black friday...they really ARE rubbing it in our faces aren't they. the name really should change!!!