Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Definitely Monday

How can I tell it's a fucking Monday? I'll just give you a list, in no particular order:

~My hair wouldn't do a damn thing, and therefore looks like shit. Decided ponytail was best/easiest solution.

~I have NO will or want to put make-up on (sorry Husband)

~The only clean pair of jeans I have are full of holes. They are actually quite comfortable, but don't exactly portray a "professional" look, even in a tattoo studio. (So, I said screw it, and put on a Guns N Roses T with them...might as well travel back in time full tilt, right?)

~Potential customers are pissing me off. Especially when their little "homeboy" wants to go on that his "boy's homeboy" could do the same tattoo for like $50. ( A whopping savings of $20 if you don't count the 90% chance they will end up in the doctor's office for the side effects.) So, I got pissed, and told him to leave, and please feel free to get the hepatitis, infection filled home made tattoo.

~Everyone I've tried to call concerning the Ladies Night Out Holiday Expo to confirm booths, etc, have not answered their phones. (Why the fuck do any of you even have cell phones? It's apparent no one knows how to use them!)

~Trying to get a mint condition vintage Owen Jensen tattoo machine and rheostat appraised for insurance purposes, and can not get a straight answer out of anyone. All anyone wants to tell me is that I have a museum quality piece. (Thanks, knew that already, but REALLY need someone to put a dollar amount on this please.)

~The insurance adjustor finally showed up last Thursday afternoon, but didn't leave the right paper work, so my car is still sitting in a fucking shop a week later, and all it needs is a radiator.

~Just discovered the stuffed animal that Oldest HAD TO HAVE to give to his GF for her birthday, and cost $27 is only 6 inches tall. Would probably never have agreed to let him order it if he had told me that pertinent detail.

~The girl who called to set up an appointment for a "cool tattoo" (her words, not mine) ended up wanting TWO INITIALS added to an existing tattoo. I think I speak for most tattoo ARTISTS when I say that we do not consider letters to be a "cool tattoo".

~I have discovered that I'm missing posts from some of my favorite bloggers, and I still have yet to figure out why.

Well, you can see why this is definitely a Monday, and it's only 4:15. I can't wait to see the joys the rest of the day brings! Husband has given me permission to just go home and go back to bed. I may take him up on it.


  1. Ok it is no longer Monday so I will answer a few things fer ya.

    I would insure that Owen Jensen machine for $5000.(IDK just sounds good)

    A person actually came into your shop and said their Homeboy's Homeboy could do the same exact tat for less? And you let him walk out? Nice show of restraint Cuz! Im proud of ya.

    This non-artist says that two letters added to another tat is a not a cool tat - anyway you slice it.

    So happy Tuesday.

  2. Monday's suck.. I got over here by way of my followers and you were the latest.. and you were

    THE WIFE..

    and frankly.. if you have read my last two blog posts.. I came over here to kick some ass.. then giggle snorted cause you were not THE WIFE!..


  3. LMFAO

    I have read your blog, and trust me, I'm NOT the crazy psycho nutball bitch that's been sending you emails. I promise.

    Though I am a little crazy, and may sometimes be psycho, I am no where near that woman's level! :)

    And so no one makes that mistake again, I've gone back to using (aka the Antichrist)!