Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fighting with my insurance company, Day 3.

Called and left messages with all the people who were stupid enough to answer their phones yesterday, when I called. They've figured out I'm not a nice person anymore, and now send me to voicemail.

No phone calls back.

Husband calls, gets live person, gets told that adjuster was at mechanic's today. Called mechanic, find out that adjuster must be invisible, as he has not been seen in shop today. Husband tells live person that there was no adjuster at mechanic's today. Live person has no response. Husband gets mad, tells live person that adjuster better be here today, or maybe live person needs to hire new adjuster that will actually do their job.

Decide that Progressive not only hires morons, they also hire liars, too.

The whole "Immediate Response Vehicle" thing that Progressive promises is really eating at me. Decide to Google it. This is directly from the Progressive website:

"Progressive uses Immediate Response® Vehicles (IRVs) — those white SUVs with the Progressive logo on the side — to give your car insurance claim a head start. Have not seen a single one of these since I reported the claim, so I don't see this as a head start. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, our claims representatives use IRVs to travel to repair shops, tow yards, your house — even the scene of an accident — to inspect your vehicle and write a damage estimate.Are you seriously going to effing tell me that you will go to the scene of the accident?? I can't even get you to go to the damn mechanic's shop. So, when you go to the scene of an accident, do you make them wait 3 days or more so that you can get pictures of all that has happened? If so, I really hope that no one was injured, as I'm sure they are quite dead by now.

IRV drivers are trained claims professionals who can resolve your claim efficiently. Bullshit. They discuss the accident with you, record all relevant information, take pictures of the scene, talk to witnesses and catalog damages to all vehicles. Again, bullshit. I have yet to be able to actually talk to anyone about this and give them details. Instead I am bounced all around, and I have had to leave voicemails all over the place, in hopes that someone will take pity on me and CALL ME BACK.  All this starts as soon as you report your claim.*cough* bullshit *cough*
Since 1994, Progressive IRVs have helped change car insurance. With one call to Progressive, you get fast, friendly claims service — wherever you are." Well, if ignoring your customers, taking a week to do an "immediate" response, pissing your customers off, and hiring liars to drive the IRVs were the changes you were after, you accomplished your goal. If this was not your goal, then I don't know what to tell you.

Decide that Progressive is not only hires morons and liars, they also falsely advertise their services.

Wish that the claim would hurry up and just get done, so that I can switch insurance companies. 

Realize all that I am not able to do without a car, and start getting pissed off all over again. I can't go to the grocery store, I can't make Scentsy deliveries, I can't drop fliers off for Ladies Night Out Holiday Expo to advertise, I can't run kids where they need to be. It is also getting quite cold here at night, so walking in the dark and the cold is really sucking.

Yes, I can hear you ask now, "You mean you and Husband only have one vehicle?"

The answer is no, we have 3 cars and 2 motorcycles. Car #1 is waiting on invisible adjuster. Car #2 I loaned to my niece who has a one year old baby and shouldn't be walking in the dark and the cold, and I can't bring myself to tell her that I need the car back. Car #3 is a project car for Husband and Boys, and is not legal to drive at this time. Motorcycle #1 does run, and is legal, but it's effing cold, and have you ever tried to fit FOUR people on a motorcycle? Motorcycle #2 is not tagged, as I do not have a motorcycle endorsement at this time.

Googled "Progressive Sucks" and found this on flickr:

At least now I know I'm not the only one with this opinion!


  1. Car insurance blows.
    In fact, all insurance blows.

    I had this same type of discussion yesterday and for the past few months as ALL of my insurance have changed or switched over.

    Good luck, and yes, I'll absolutely rough 'em up if necessary. :]

  2. Hi there, first off, thanks for signing up at my blog. I appreciate it! Here I am to check you out! I really like what I see (and read). If you don't mind, I'm going to tag along.

  3. You are more than welcome, Pat! And of course you are always invited to tag along over here. I won't promise that I won't do something that will offend you at some point. I seem to be quite good at that!