Friday, November 12, 2010

Changing Up The Friday Posts

I confess:
  • I sometimes wish my ex-husband would disappear from the face of the earth.
  • I know I should feel guilty about this, but I don't.
  • In fact, since I'm confessing, I dream of the day he moves to say, Russia or Iraq.
  • I'm really not a bad person.
  • If you had to deal with someone who felt that medicating a child into submission was acceptable, you'd understand completely.
  • He has pissed me off upset me so bad this time, I can't even talk to him for fear that I will not have the will power to be civil.
  • The Ex is probably going to find this, and try and use it against me. 
  • That's his style.
  • I don't think I really care anymore.
  • I sometimes wonder WTF I was ever thinking when I ended up with him.
  • I wonder why it took me over a year to see him for what he really was.
  • I could use the excuse I was smokin' crack, but I wasn't, and even if I joke about it, he will try and use it against me.
  • He forgets I know a lot of his dirty little secrets, though.
  • In his own words, "It will all come out in the wash". 
  • I have a premonition that day is coming soon for him.
  • Husband is going to see this, and tell me again to be careful what I write.
  • I feel that TEN YEARS after I left Ex, I should be able to speak my opinions.
  • But we all know what Ex is like, so I don't.
  • I am at a point, I secretly wish Ex would find this, in the hopes it would open his eyes a little.
  • I know even if he does, it won't make a shit to him.
  • It's hard to have your eyes opened, when you think you're better than everyone.


  1. YIKES...rough situation. i am thinking after 10 yrs it might not get better. at least you have a good place to vent about it...but still, major bummer.

  2. So sorry. I'm pretty sure that looking back we all have those, what were we thinking/smoking??? Most of us don't have to deal with it everyday for the rest of our lives. :) That's lame. I've learned one thing, are you ready it's a good one. Never try to make irrational people rational. When you are dealing with an irrational person there is no way to make them normal, or understand your view. Knowing that and embracing it is totally different. Good luck!

  3. At least you don't wish these things about your current husband....just sayin....
    Not that I I.
    Hang in there!!

  4. He sounds like a winner! Glad you ran away and fast!

  5. i know i just commented but you my new bloggy friend have that silly little "no reply blogger" thingy so i can't reply via email and i wanted to than you for your comment over on my blog, it made me smile!

  6. Mamarazzi - very rough situation, I've tried to deal with it. But I'm tired of "dealing". I'm geting ready to be a bitch!. (and I think I figured out the email issue, but I'm exhausted, so maybe not!)

    Stacy - I would go crazy trying to make him rational. At least I've figured that much out!

    Terry - would never say that about Husband. We've been together 9 yrs, and though we get on each others nerves, he knows that children come first, and you you never treat a child like this!

    mintifresh - No, NOT a winer. Not even close. Only good thing I can say about him is he gave me a beautiful child!

  7. So sorry! Hope things ease up for you soon.

  8. That really sucks!
    I remember those strugles and the frustration i felt.Time has passed and i no longer have to deal with it...