Monday, December 13, 2010

Losing My Haven

I was looking through some pictures on my phone, and suddenly realized I only have a few weeks left to enjoy one of my favorite places to run away to.

Due to water levels going to record lows, the marina at the local lake is closing down January first.

The dock there is where I taught my youngest son to fish, and he liked it so well, it's all he ever wants to do.

I caught my first - and second - walleye from this dock.

When we have a bad day at work, this is where Husband and I go to unwind. We throw in a few poles, sit & talk, enjoy the scenery, and if we catch something it's a bonus.

If Husband and I are having one of "those" days, it's not unknown for me to take a few hours to myself and hide at the lake with nothing but the fish for company.

We're not fairweather fishermen, either. Those walleye? I caught them in November a year or so ago. So, this isn't something that will hit next spring, this is effecting me in the here and now.

In just a few weeks, the dock will be gone.

I don't know where I'll go to find my little piece of sanity after that.


  1. That also sucks!
    Everybody needs a little place to escape to. I'm happy mine is still intact, I need it...

  2. The lake will still be there, the dock won't. I'm hoping it will be close to the same, but something tells me it will not be.