Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ever Want To See How Old You Really Are?

You do? Really?? Then read on....

I found out just how old I am getting a few nights ago.

Husband and I went to the bar with a few friends, to wind down and, well, to be honest, make sure everyone got home ok! (Yes, I know, that right there probably shows I'm getting older, too. Don't remind me!)

On the other side of the bar were a few guys playing pool. My initial reaction to one of them went something like this:

"Oh hell, not another young, cocky asshole. I hate even being in the same room with people like HIM. Please, don't let him ass up and try and start a fight with someone in here."

I then went on about what I was doing - talking w/friends, drinking, smoking (yes, bad habit, I know), and generally enjoying our night out.

Then I caught sight of the young man again. What ran through my mind:

"Why do guys like that seem to think they're all that? I mean, seriously, yes, it's obvious that's he's been in military. That should mean I should respect him. But, really, how can I respect someone who acts like they are God's gift to women? Oh, and look, how cute! The waitress is falling for his crap! She'll learn soon enough!"

I went back to my friends and Husband, tried to control Drunk Friend.

Drunk Friend wouldn't listen.

Wanted to touch everyone in bar.

Especially all the women. I wonder to myself what will happen when she does that to wrong woman, and gets more than she expected.



Telling Drunk Friend to behave, and leave that poor woman's hair alone.



Watch Husband play pool.

Watch Husband beat the guy he's playing 3 times in a row.

Watch guy he's playing decide to leave bar.

Tell Drunk Friend to sit down and behave.


Play some music.

See a friend, talk to her for awhile.


Tell Drunk Friend that really, I don't want to dance.



Drunk Friend goes and dances by herself.


Then it fucking hits me.

I'm fucking OLD.

Dude that has been annoying me from just the way he looks and acts?

That. Is. What. I. Would. Have. Been. Drawn. To. When. I. Was. Younger.

Much younger.

When in the hell did I pass that age that cocky guys became annoying? 

When they were no longer something I would have gone after, or hooked up a friend with?

OMG I'm fucking OLD.


Young people annoy me.

The way they think they know EVERYTHING.

The way they walk like they own the world.

Their clothes.

Their music. (Ok, only some of it. I secretly like most of it. Except Rap. Can't stand that crap. At least not what they all rap nowadays.)

Holy fuck. I'M OLD.


And the really scary part?

I think I like being old. No, scratch that, I love it.

I love not having to worry about the young, cocky guys. The backstabbing, bitchy girls.

I love Husband. I love him when we fight. I love him when we're sitting at the house. I love him when we're out.

Wait. Maybe I'm not old. Maybe I'm just extremely happy where I am, and who I'm with.

Fuck, who am I kidding. Yes, I'm happy where I'm at, and who I'm with. But I'm OLD, too.

Just wait, one of these days, you will be somewhere, doing something you've done dozens of times. And it WILL hit you. 

You are not who you used to be. You are no longer young and carefree.

You're now an adult, and young people will both scare you and annoy the shit out of you.

Trust me. It will happen.


  1. You are not old. You're wise. At least that's my story! I'm too 'old' to deal with the young wise-asses too!

  2. In reading this post it has occurred to me that I might be old too, cuz young people annoy the living crap out of me. They do think they know everything strut around like God's gift to the Universe. *sigh*

    Love your blog, I'll be back!