Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. What’s your favorite color to paint your nails? Blue. Don't ask why, for some reason, that is just my go to color. I'm weird like that

2. Do you like to sneeze? Hell no. Did you know that in that one instant you are sneezing your entire body shuts down??

3. How often do you fill up your car with gas? Weekly - at least. Sometimes it seems like daily.

4. Were you named after anyone? Yep. A woman my momma went to school with. She liked the name. Sorry, no big heart rending story, there!

5. Have you made any good recipes lately? NY Strip steak with a wine sauce. Does that count?

6. What’s an easy money-saving tip that you use regularly? Don't go to Walmart with the kids in tow. I save a hell of a lot of money that way!

7. Would you rather have a sore throat or an ear ache? Sore throat, definitely!

8. Do you have any scars? What are they from? A bunch! Technically all my tattoos are just colored scars, but I have "real" scars from bike wrecks, basketball, and more.

9. What are you “known for” in your circle of friends/family? Scentsy and Tattoos - and for probably being the grumpy bitch of the group. I'm sure my friends are just being nice when they deny that.

10. How do you like to eat your pancakes? Butter and maple syrup!! (lots of it!) Oh!! And I have to have sausage to dip in the syrup!


  1. OH yes....bring the sausage. Why does sausages taste better with syrupy....why!!!

    I never thought about that...the whole body shutting down when you sneeze. That's kinda scary.

  2. got here via Sandra at Absolutely Narcissism and I am your newest follower.

    Your blog name was funny and caught my eye

  3. It would seem we have alot in common. Let's go for pancakes!

  4. I'd like your steak recipe, please. Sounds yummy.


    4. Were you named after anyone?
    My mother had a cross dressing friend named Randy, who went by Miranda when he was lady-fied.

    Does that count as interesting?

  5. Found you through Sandra!
    Love the Random. Have to say I prefer my pancakes as french toast...with a side of bacon:)