Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oldest is (almost) all growed up!

Meeting at the school this morning on Oldest. (Wonder Mom decided it was her once a year, time to pretend like she gives a damn, and put on a (not so convincing) show, so she was there. I try to be nice, as I know Oldest still holds out hope that things will change in their relationship. Sometimes it's not easy to be nice.)

Good news! Oldest has finally pulled his head out, and is pulling all As and Bs! Then again, getting threatened to lose all your electronic gadgets & privileges, may have something to do with it.

He's now also decided that, *gasp* we were right. College does sound like a good idea. Now to get all the paperwork filled out for grants, scholarships, and loans. Keep your fingers crossed for him/us!

I also realized today that in THREE months, he will be 18. I don't think I'm looking forward to that. I remember what I pulled when I turned 18. (Please, please, please let him be smarter than I was!)

This also means that prom is coming up. Which means tux rentals, flowers, limo, and so much more. (In case you don't have kids, this all translates to $$$.)

Graduation is also coming up. We still need to order his announcements. Figure out who to invite. Make graduation party plans. (Figured out yet that this also translates to $$$??)

I am NOT ready for all of this! He's NOT supposed to be old enough for all of these things. Seriously. He's supposed to be 12, or something like that.

I'm excited for him, but we're not going to adjust well to the fact he will be a full fledged adult. An adult trying to make it in this crazy world.....


  1. Okay, when my daughter "sheldon" turned 18 it didn't seem so bad, but turning 21 felt like a real shocker. Weird feeling when she helps herself to a beer without asking, almost a little bit wrong.

  2. As I said before, I have 5 that are now adults. After we learned from the first two, we made the rest work part time in HS. It ended up being a good idea because the younger three are the most well adjusted, independent, and appreciateve of the five. They grow up so fast!