Monday, September 20, 2010

The worms must be working overtime tonight...

Here it is almost 2 a.m., and I'm still as wide awake as most of you would be at 4 p.m.  I'd like to say that it's due to the fact that the cricket that jumped out from under my pillow last night as I crawled into bed, scared the living shit out of me, and gave me a complex over crawling into bed again.  Not the case though.
Ok, one part of that is true - the damn thing caused me to scream like a little girl, and in the process gave Husband a mild coronary...which actually turned it into a funny situation. That's a whole other blog post, right up there with the time the Itsy Bitsy Spider decided he needed to share my pillow.
Ok, now I'm sounding like a girly girl, and that is so not me. I'm coverd in tattoos, I scare parents when the children get within 10 feet of me. (i promise, I won't eat them/sacrifice them/turn them to the darkside). You, the parents seem to be screwing them up quite well without my help, thank you very much!
And this is where the Antichrist part comes into play. I live in Smallville, Texas, USA. I am female. I have multiple large tattoos - some of them involving *gasp* the naked female form. I work as a tattoo artist and body piercer. Did I mention Smallville is predominantly Baptist? Yeah, it's a ton of fun being me down here, let me tell you! There is not a lot of acceptance from the people who preach "judge not lest ye be judged". I wasn't kidding wen I say parents pull small children away if they get within 10 feet of me.
I told you the Brain Worms were working overtime tonight. My thoughts are all over the place...I get started on one subject, and another pops to the front of the line in my head.
Now I'm wondering what chocolate covered crickets would taste like. I've tried BBQ mealworms, surely chocolate covered crickets have to be as good, if not better. Right?
Hmmm...maybe I'm going at this blog thing the wrong way. I'm an artist, should I maybe be drawing a blog instead of writing one?Who knows...
Ok, the worms aren't going to let me do this right tonight, I get the hint. Maybe I have ADD and don't know it. I seem to always have this problem. Start one thing, and end up in 5 different directions, and usually all at the same time.
Good thing I'm not one of those people who started a blog with the intent of a bunch of readers who fall instantly in love with me, and send me lots of money. I think I'd probably starve to death.
Death - I have a few people I wish that on right now. No, no - I'm not going to kill them, silly. I simply wouldn't be devastated if they magically disappeared from my world!

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  1. Based on this post alone, it sounds like you are going to have an interesting blog. Small town life has it's challanges with anybody, based on your description of where you are and who you are, I think this is gonna be good...