Sunday, September 26, 2010

He lost his brain, I think

Yesterday, satellite guy calls, needs all receivers in the house unplugged before he moves the actual dish. Husband and I are both at work, and it is busy, so there is no way we can get over to the house to take care of it.

I call Oldest. This is how it went:

Me: Are you still in town? ( he had plans to go out with some friends )

Oldest: Yes, I'm headed up there now to see if I can get some money.

Me: Before you come up here, please stop by the house and unplug the satellite receivers in teh front room and in your bedroom.

Oldest: How do I do that?

Me: You unplug the cord from the wall.

Oldest: But how?

Me: There is a cord that goes from each receiver, you know, the black box that hooks up to the TV? Anyway, take the cord that goes to the wall electrical socket, and unplug it. If the cord has two shiny metal things on the end, you have unplugged it.

Oldest: What does it look like?

Me: The black cord that comes out of the black box and plugs into the wall. If you can't figure out which one, just unplug the power strip.

Oldest: Uhmmmmmm, ok......I think I get it.

I hang phone up. My  customer is dying laughing. I can't blame her. Customer asks how old Oldest is. I tell her 17. She laughs even harder. I start tattoo, thinking Oldest was surely pulling my leg, that there is no way he can't know how to unplug something. He's a video game freak. He moves his game system from room to room. He has to know how to unplug it do that, right?

15 minutes later, the shop phone rings. Husband answers it. This is what customer and I hear:

Husband: insert Studio name, may I help you?..........Are you serious?.........You reach down behind the entertainment center and pull the plug out...........Are you on drugs? .......... Are you sure you're  not on drugs?.........Ok, there's a cord that comes off the back of each receiver......yes, the black box..........Ok, the cord that comes off each receiver, unplug it from the wall.....................Are you sure you're not on drugs???..........Ok, in the living room, if you can't find the plug-in for the receiver, just unplug the power strip........What?.........THE POWER STRIP........It's gray, with a cord. It plugs into the wall with two shiny prongs. UNPLUG IT...........It plugs into the wall.....Reach down behind the TV.......see that light gray cord?......ok, now take that cord out of the wall socket.........Are you on drugs??.....Are you sure??.....Oh! You finally figured it out?......Great! Now go in your bedroom and unplug the receiver in there..............It's the cord that comes off the black box that's connected to your TV, unplug it from the wall....

Phone hanging up. Husband, "He has his mother's blood in him, that has to be the problem".

Mind you, my customer does not realize that technically, I am not the Mom.

Customer yells, "Don't piss her off, she has needles, and she's touching ME!"

I explain to customer that technically, I am not the bio mom.

Customer is relieved.

I can not stop laughing over Oldest not being able to unplug something, and am unable to tattoo customer. Customer, not realizing this, asks me to please not tattoo her, as she is trying not to laugh, and it's not working.

We have to take five minute break so that we can both recover.

It dawns on me later that customer probably thought that Oldest is either on drugs for real, or has serious mental problems.

Wish I could explain to customer that neither is the case, teenage boys just seem to misplace their brains sometimes.

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  1. oh..... I needed a laugh!!! That is some funny stuff right there!!