Friday, September 24, 2010

Rice-a-Roni is not my friend!!

Someone please explain to me why it is I can make perefect fried chicken, make chili with no recipe, pancakes from scratch & so much more - yet I can't for the life of me make Rice-a-Roni!!!

It is one of the most evil inventions of the food world! I can stand right beside it as I'm "browning" the rice in butter, and I'll be damned if I can d it without burning it!! Ithink my record to date is 5 boxes of the evil stuff before I finally produced something that was even close to edible.

I wish I was joking - but I'm not. Husband thinks it's hilarious. Husband is wrong.  How in the hell can I fuck this up so bad EVERY DAMN TIME??

There is no way that someone who can make up their own BBQ sauce recipes, salsa recipes, etc can screw up the most simple of foods!

I thought about banning the evil boxes from my house, but I decided that I WILL WIN THE BATTLE! I can not let this little box defeat me!

It's become a challenge.

The day I can make it without the smoke filling the kitchen, or forgetting to add some stupid little package of powdered something or other, or forgetting that it needed milk (wtf is up with that anyway? Milk in Rice-a-Roni?? There should be a law against that!) is the day I become crowned Queen of the world!

Ok, maybe not the world...Queen of the Kitchen? Hell, I would settle for an award for overcoming the most evil thing to ever be invented.

Rice-a-Roni - be warned!! I will WIN!! It may be with my dying breath - but I WILL beat you!! (Insert evil, crazy scientist laugh).

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