Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Can Relate

My 11 yr old has a habit of finding a hiding hole whenever the world gets to be too much for him. He will crawl under a desk, in a large box if one can be found, or he will make his own lean-to in the back yard with a piece of wood and the fence.

He's escaping into his own little world, even for just a few minutes. Where no one can stress him out, or cause him harm. It lets him calm down. It lets him feel safe. It lets him pretend the outside world doesn't exist.

Today, I want a hiding hole of my own. Just a nice, quiet, dark place where I don't have to deal with anyone or anything. Even for five minutes.

Today, I can honestly say, I can relate to youngest.

1 comment:

  1. Hi there! I think we can all relate to that once in a while. I know I sure can. When I was a kid, I liked to close myself up in a closet with the door closed.