Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I Do

When I sit down to write out a blog that's been in my head for hours, or sometimes, days.........it never fails. Instead of the blog I'd had perfectly written in my mind, a thousand other things scream at me inside my head to be let out.

Me, being very stubborn, refuse to listen. I spend 45 minutes staring at a blank screen. Or I get lucky and get about ten words typed.

Somewhere around that 45 minute mark, I say fuck it.

I go back to the blogs I subscribe to, check out what everyone else is posting. Blog hop from here to there, and then from there to everywhere.

Then I make it back to my blog, which I've promised to write in, and my mind is blank. That perfectly "written" blog in my head is gone. Poof. Disappeared. Brains worms ate it.

All those things screaming to be let out? They are now down to a dull whimper. Brain worms are working on them.

But, I did get to read some awesome posts by some of my faves. That counts for something, right?

Am I the only blogger who has this problem? Lie to me. Even if you have never had this problem, make me feel normal. If even for just one teensy tinsy second. Please??


  1. I'm terrible at blogging. At this point now, I just use my kid's words for my blog now...

  2. Nothing like this ever happens to me.
    There must be something wrong with you.

    haha (just kidding.)(sorta)

  3. Ha.

    What has been happening to me lately is that I spend significant time coming up with an idea for a blog, then sit down to write it and end up writing an entirely different blog - not even on a tangent from the idea I'd been planning.

    This does not mean I can sit down with no idea and just start writing. It means I need Idea A to be able to write about Idea Z.

    Oh well.

  4. This happens to me probably every single day. No joke. No lie. In fact, most recently, I just stopped writing for a bit. I had nothing good to say. Hell, I still feel that way.

    And then I'll be deep into a bout of insomnia, and come up with THE post. You know, the one that will win me some killer job or big money and I always fail to write the idea down. Morning comes and it's gone.

  5. Yeah, I pretty much said the same thing in a recent blog of mine too.