Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ok, I give up!

I admit, I was looking for the "easy" way to make a post. I went back through all my older draft posts....and nothing. Well, ok, there was a lot of somethings. Just nothing I wanted to mess with editing, and/or re-writing, and/or wanted to deal with the issues in them at the moment.

I started a whole new post on our paintballing experience, but to be honest, I'm too damn tired to do it justice. So, it was added to the "drafts" list. Yes, yet another draft that will probably never be completed, nor see the light of day.

I 'm one of those damn people who think they need to fill up EVERY second of every day....and this past month it is totally catching up to me. So, instead of doing away with something that CAUSES stress, I put off one of the few things that help me relieve stress - this blog!

WTF was I thinking?? Now, my stress reliever is causing anxiety, guilt, and you guessed it - stress! Why, you may ask? It's quite simple. I've hidden my blog away lately like some unwanted stepchild. Ok, not a stepchild. I have a few of those, and they are NOT unwanted.

Sooooo....I hid it away crazy aunt that embarrasses the hell out of you. Will that work??

Anyway, I FINALLY make it back to blogland, and guess what? I find that I'm too damn exhausted to actually write anything even resembling a real post....

Don't get me wrong, I have a TON of ideas.....the problem is, I can't get them all quite sorted out to actually type them out. THIS is what happens when you neglect your blog for a damn month! You have SO many things you WANT to write about, that when you actually go to do it, you end up with fucking writer's block. Or in my case, writer's mass chaos of the frontal lobe.

But, I have taken the first step, I AM writing something.....and that has to be a step in the right direction....right??? (Ok, lie to me, just don't tell me that no, it's definitely NOT a good thing to just type what the fuck ever comes to mind, ok? Seriously....tell me I'm not the only one who does this....)

Speaking of y'all....what the hell?? You didn't come click on the ads like a million times to make me some money while I was gone? Or didn't nominate for the most prestigious blogger of the year award? Did y'all even stop by, on the hope that by some SMALL chance, I might, just might, have snuck a new post in without you realizing it? No? Not even a little peek??? Oh well, hopefully since I'm back, y'all will be back...


  1. Welcome back! :)

    And you nailed it on picking out the Scentsy scents (that sounds funny, but how else do I word it?)...I have it going right now in fact. Is there a catalog I can request in the mail?

    Don't take off again. Or I may have a tantrum. Yeah, I have nothing. lol.

  2. I wonder sometimes if I could recycle some old posts from my Myspace blog, and then I remember you and Stacy would probably call me out on it, so...... maybe not.
    I do keep a bunch of "starter drafts." Sometimes I go back to them and I think "What the HELL was I thinking?" haha.
    Good luck get your schedule to calm down.