Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crazy week!

Still alive. Kind of! :)

It's been a CRAZY week. Hubby was sick. And I mean miss four days of work sick. He's NEVER sick. And, to be honest, he's still not over being sick.....I wonder if I can convince him to wear a face mask until all chances of contaminating me are gone.....

I've been tattooing like crazy - I was so booked this past week, I couldn't even fit a walk-in in my chair. I'm NOTcomplaining. It's a GOOD thing!

And Scentsy....wow....it's also been selling like crazy! Just trying to keep up with all the orders and deliveries has been exhausting! (again, I'm not complaining!!)

Better posts ARE coming soon....I PROMISE!

Until then, go read some of my favorite bloggers, and go wish Mamarazzi a happy (almost) birthday!!


  1. aww thanks for the shout out. i am glad that business is going so well...

  2. Thanks are going well for you! That's a great thing...You'll be here when you have the time!