Friday, December 28, 2012

Dream House

About three months ago, I made a wish list for a house. It would have:

3-5 bedrooms
good size kitchen
dining room
living room
basement (finished or unfinished)
2 bathrooms
2 car garage
enough property to put a small guest house/art studio on
outside city limits

5 weeks ago, I found the house. I was told that it had just been vacated, and that it was up for sale, and possible for a lease purchase option.

We went and looked at it, the yard was severely overgrown, and looked like it hadn't been lived in for at least a year. From what we could see through the windows, we were in love. I couldn't have hit the nail more on the head with my wish list if I'd seen the house before hand.

It definitely needed work - new carpet, new paint, some work on the sliding doors and window, definite yard work, and other odds and ends. But, we had found what we'd been looking for!

We were estactic!!


We looked up the property on the local CAD......and discovered that it was a foreclosed upon home.

It was taken over by the mortgage company in March.

The former owners didn't vacate until late August, but had refused to take care of the property, as they knew they were going to lose it. That's why it looks like it's been vacant at least a year.

I've been playing tag with the mortgage company for five weeks, trying to find something out on being able to purchase the house. Today, I was finally told that FHA would be taking it back over. I am getting no where....

Do any of you have any suggestions?? How do I go about trying to get this home??


  1. Doesn't the FHA auction off the homes that are foreclosures? That would be something that I would certainly ask about. Sometimes you can get a house just by paying off the taxes.

    Good Luck!

    1. I'm not sure, I'm hoping that they will be doing that. I have to call the mortgage company again on Monday, and talk to the guy in the FHA division, of the REO division. From there, I will probably be directed to FHA directly, but at least I'm finally making some head way.

      *fingers crossed*