Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday Fairytale

Ok y'all, to be blunt, Friday SUCKED ASS!! So, instead of reliving it all over again, I decided I would post what my day COULD have been! (Hey, it's my blog, and I can rewrite my day any damn way I please!)

Woke up @ 10, to find that Husband had brought in a maid service and personal chef. The house was SPOTLESS, and we were served a gourmet brunch, complete with mimosas.

We then checked the lottery ticket we found on our front door, and discovered we'd won the lottery.

Due to the shock of this, we decided to take the day off from the studio, and just spend an indulgent day together. We went to a local spa, and got the works done.

We discussed flying to Paris for the weekend, but decided the kids wouldn't enjoy that near as much as a weeklong trip to Disneyland.

So, we set up a camera, and filmed our own little surprise the kids with the trip commercial.

We had 2 hours to catch our plane, but first emailed our video straight to Disney management.

Imagine our surprise, when just before take-off, we got a phone call telling us we had such a great video, it was immediately going to airplay to convince more tattooed families that Disney loves us all!

We've just arrived at the luxurious suite that Disney provided as an added bonus. The kids are being little darlings, and went straight to their room with no problems.

Husband and I decided that once we get home, we're hiring a nanny for a week, and flying to Paris after all. We found the cutest little french country home we want to buy while looking online, and decided why not!

We are thinking of just buying a few homes around the globe, and travelling the world for the next few years. The kids are loving the idea, and have agreed with the plan.

Now, dear readers, I need to get to sleep, as we're being given an EXCLUSIVE tour of the behind the scenes action at the park tomorrow!


  1. And when your private tour of the park is done you are going to hop a plane up north to tattoo my entire back right?

    Great. Thanks.

  2. Wow, that sounds like a great day! Paris sounds lovely.