Sunday, July 6, 2014

How Things Change

Things have changed a lot in my universe, since my last post many moons ago.

Youngest boy lives with us full time. No meds, and he's back in a brick and mortar school. He's even going on the STEM trip to San Francisco this summer. My little one, is no longer little. He's taller than me.  Which is bittersweet, but it happens to all kids.

We've opened up a 2nd tattoo studio,  75 miles away from the original one, and it's keeping us busy. Busier than we expected. But, we've hired two more artists, so hopefully we will be able to start taking more time off. Total bonus.

I've all but stopped selling Scentsy, it was a decision I thought long and hard about. I still keep my account up to date,  so that I can keep myself in supply of my scent addiction.

In December, I signed up for a then little known company, called Younique. I had no intention of selling it, I just wanted the kit. Needless to say, that didn't work as planned. (Like anything ever does, right?) I played with my kit, posted a few pictures  of me wearing the 3D Fiber Lash mascara,  and that was all she wrote. I was addicted, and so were a lot of people. In my downtime from the studios, my energy is directed towards working with my team of over 50 people, helping them realize their dreams.

I won't promise that I will be here much. I sinply dont have a spare minute most days. But you're welcome to check out my new blog at It concentrates on the makeup, but with a personal twist.

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